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WellTracer® - Your Key to Actionable Well Insights

WellTracer® is a patented survey that:
  • Identifies problematic valves, orifices, tubing leaks
  • locates the points of injection on gas lifted wells
It can find plugged, damaged or eroded valves and other issues with zero interruption to well production compared to traditional bottom hole surveys for a fraction of the cost.

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WellTracer® uses Appsmiths’ proprietary software, WinGLUE, to model and provide in-depth performance reports and well design recommendations. This gives our clients thorough and actionable well insights that increase their well production and run life at an affordable cost.

Kaizen Well Solutions is an experienced team of well optimization specialists and the sole provider of WellTracer® surveys in Canada.

We provide our clients with proven production solutions and unparalleled support. Talk to our Gas Lift Experts about your well needs today.

Technical Resources

Download the PDFs below for detailed information including product specifications, available materials and applications.

WellTracer® Presentation [PDF]
WellTracer® Brochure [PDF]
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