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Kaizen Well Solutions is the only entirely Canadian owned plunger manufacturer in Canada. We offer a variety of plungers including some of our own patented designs, all exclusively manufactured in North America.

Conventional plungers

Conventional plungers are used in lower rate wells requiring shut in or build-up pressure to lift produced fluid. Typically, the minimum GLR needed is 400 SCF per BBL per 1000 ft of well depth.

Our conventional plungers are available in pad/blade, solid and brush configurations for the following applications:


A very efficient plunger with a constant sealed design, used typically in lower volume wells and GLR wells with clean gas/water environments and minimum solids or paraffin.


A strong, simple and affordable plunger typically used in wells with lots of paraffin, asphaltene and emulsion.


Features a very efficient seal, typically used where there’s lots of frac or formation sand; not ideal for paraffin or asphaltene wells.

Free cycle plungers (ProCycle)

Free cycle plungers have an external trip rod mounted in the lubricator and feature a large bypass area that allows plungers to fall against high flow rates. As a result, it can travel to the well bottom more quickly than conventional plungers. They typically fall 80% of critical flow rate.

Quick trip plungers (Equalizer)

On the Equalizer plunger, the valve trip assembly is built into the plunger as compared to free cycle plungers where they’re mounted externally in the lubricator. This plunger has a large bypass area. They’re typically used for faster fall time, but also will fall against flow if required.

Two piece plungers

Two piece plungers are good for high liquid and high rate wells in excess of 65% of the wellhead critical rate. They can also lift high volumes of fluid in excess of 200 bbl per 1 MMCF (1.1m3 per 1e3m3 of gas). They can fall at high velocity, but require specific bottom hole spring configurations.

Available in solid configurations.

Bottom hole spring assemblies

Extreme service


3 &5 K working pressure

Flange x Threaded outlets:
3 & 5 K working pressure

Flange x Flange dual outlet:
5 & 10 k working pressure

Radial Flow flow tee replacement:
5 k working pressure

Radial Flow flow block replacement:
5 & 10 K working pressure


ETC Alien expert
PCS 2000
PCS 4000
PCS 8800 series


ETC cyclops:

Wellhead stands

Technical Resources

Download the PDFs below for detailed information including product specifications, available materials and applications.

ETC Plunger Lift Controller & Accessories [PDF]
Radial Flow Lubricator [PDF]
Kaizen Plunger Brochure [PDF]
Kaizen ProCycle Plunger Brochure [PDF]
Kaizen Equalizer Plunger Brochure [PDF]

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